IAMRICH EnterprisesA native of New York, I moved to Florida at a young age, but I visited New York frequently growing up. I like to say:
“New York made me, but Florida raised me.”

Coming to Florida, we moved around a lot when I was young until really settling-in to my adopted hometown of Pompano Beach, Fl. Broward County Stand Up!

Where I’m from, where I grew up, and all of my life experiences are such a big part of my music. Giving you a glimpse into my life and feelings with my music is like painting a picture. I want you to feel what I feel and see what I see. I want to give you all of me.

From overcoming hardships, to becoming a father, and now turning my passion into a reality, the last few years have been defining. I wake up every day not wanting, but needing music; the soundtracks to life. I write about whatever I’m going through; whether we are popping bottles or putting in work, failures, success, friends, family, and love.

I am beginning a new chapter in life and am excited to take y’all with me! Who we are is what we choose to be! I want to show that it is never too late to change or work hard for what you aspire to be!

From the kid that grew to a man, and realized I am what I am…IAMRICH.